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Farmer's Market is Over - now what?

We LOVE our local farmers markets. And it is always a sad day when the tents go down for good and we can't mingle with our favorite farmers anymore.

But just because the market's are wrapping up doesn't mean that freshness needs to go away!

Consider the following options to maintain a healthy supply of LIFE GIVING foods.

Subscribe to a Produce Delivery Service

Grocery delivery is life changing. Save time by not driving or standing line. Save money by not being tempted to buy things you weren't shopping for.

If you live in our local region, we love Klesick's. They are friendly and their food is fresh. They partner with local farms and for out of season things, they have farms in California they work with to get their selections. You can get a $10 discount by using the WORRELWELL code at checkout.

Another option in Washington is Full Circle Farms. We used this service when lived in Mulkilteo and found the experience very rewarding. Check them out to see if they deliver to your area.

Outside of Washington, stop in to your local natural food stroe and ask if there are any CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes you can sign up for. Often times farmers will deliver to a central location instead of right to your home. And during the fall and winter months, you may get more seasonally appropriate selections like squashes and potatoes.

Grow Your Own

During fall and winter, you won't be able to have a full thriving garden. Maybe you might be lucky enough to have a green house where you can keep plants growing all year long. But if not, then try window sill projects to have an array of micro greens. Or try growing sprouted beans and add them to a salad to keep adding sunshine to your meals.

Shopping Seasonally at Grocery Stores

When browsing through the produce section, your best bet is to try to find food that is "in season." Often times grocery stores will place seasonal items near the front of the store. What may have been strawberries in spring, is squash in the fall.

Preserving Food

Finally, one way to keep the farmer's market items going all year long is to try your hand at pickling, or canning vegetables. Pickling is a favorite option in our family, and it doesn't have to be just cucumbers. We enjoy pickled onions, carrots, and beets. And did you know you can even do it with an InstantPot?


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