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Have you ever felt the discomfort of eating too much? Maybe after Thanksgiving, or perhaps that extra slice of cake put you over the edge.  But what if you had that feeling after eating nothing at all? And it wouldn't go away?

In the early hours of the morning, before the sun came up, after another sleepless night riddled with panic attacks, Kacie was ready to be done. Done with bloating that wouldn't end. Done with feeling like she was dying when her head hit the pillow. Done with brain fog clouding her thoughts. Done with the struggle. And one more day without hope of healing would be too much.

She had been to the doctors.  They were unable to diagnose her with anything.  Their answer was medication to quiet the symptoms. But no one had an answer for what was wrong.  Kacie was DONE wasting money on testing and clinic visits that were unproductive. 

But that early dark morning, there came a little whisper.  Something that seemed so obvious, so simple, yet had not yet been fully explored.  Were the foods she was eating contributing toward her sickness? And more than that, could food also be the answer to her healing quest?

Within weeks, Kacie was able to reduce her bloating, eliminate her panic attacks, and improve her overall mood and wellness. And as an unexpected bonus, she even reduced her seasonal allergy symptoms.  A large part of this was a return to healing foods and a few supplements.  She started addressing the universe inside her, restoring balance to her gut flora and repairing her intestinal walls. 

Now, years later, Kacie is still healing, but life is WAY BETTER!

She has accumulated a wealth of knowledge (and many delicious recipes!) and she wants to share it with the world. So, come along for a healing adventure to discover the healing power of food.

Contact Kacie to see how she can help you!
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