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The Paleo Mom Sarah  Ballantyne

Reading Sarah Ballantyne was an instrumental first step for Kacie's healing journey.  She is Kacie's go-to for easy to understand explanations about why we make the choices we do.


We own several of her books and love that she approaches food from a practical and scientific perspective, honestly explaining what we know and what we don't about food. 

She is one of our affiliate partners and we'd love for you to try out one of her E-books, The Paleo Mom's Kitchen !

The Paleo Mom


Eileen Laird is one of our most inspirational writers in the using food to recover and heal world.  She brings such a great authenticity to the journey and such a positive attitude.  Her posts seem to hit the right note and provide encouragement when the going gets rough.

Phoenix Helix


Jennifer Robins is the Instant Pot guru!  We are always flipping through her books to figure out which delicious meal we want to try this week.  She is also a mom, military wife, and has her own healing journey.

Predominately Paleo


Mickey and Angie bring a wealth of knowledge and yumminess to the food healing world.  Mickey was another foundational author for Kacie and she learned a lot about the healing process and making gut healthy, nutrient dense foods from her.

Auto Immune Wellness


Amanda Torres is a nueroscientist as well as healing foodie comapnion!  We absolutely love her chicken pot pie recipe.  The crust is a bit heavy, but sooo delicious.  We use it for empanadas and quiches as well.  Give it a try!

The Curious Coconut

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